Learn To Row Rocks!

Our June LTR class just finished their 5-week session and they did it with flair! We had 16 energetic new rowers who bonded as a team and progressed so much in their technique, focus, and power. We ended our session with a Club Regatta – Our BBB (boats, burgers, and beverages) – that pitted two 8+s and one 4+ against each other in three 400m races. Each race was close and the tension was palpable throughout. Thanks to Amy and Steve, our amazing coaches, and Alison, Andrea, Katie, Lauren, Susan, Tom, and Julie who all stepped in to give every rower excellent coxing from the boat.

Our July LTR class has 2 open seats and our August class only has 1 more seat available. If you have “learn to row with the craziest, fun club” on your To Do list this summer, be sure to sign up. The weather and the water have been outstanding and we anticipate 2 more grand sessions.

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