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April showers bring . . .

As much as we would love to be on the water and not on the ergs, Spring entered West Michigan bringing hundreds of gallons of water with it. Currently, (see what I did there?) our stretch of the river is fast and high. Our boathouse is snug and dry, but there is no way to […]

Junior Winter Training

There is still time to sign up! Grand Rapids Rowing is hosting a junior winter training program! This program is open to students from any school district in grades 8-12. No experience is necessary and you can try the first week free! Practice starts Tuesday February 14th, 5-7pm at the Grand Rapids boathouse.

Bye bye, dock!

We say this every year, but it really does take a village on Dock Out Day! ? This past Saturday there was plenty of heavy lifting, problem solving, drilling, muddy boots and pants, as well as cleaning and organizing. This year we also had people stoking the campfire, disassembling an old dock, cutting up a […]

Reunion Row 2022

Whether you have rowed with us in the past, participated in our LTR classes this summer, or you’re currently a full member . . . we would LOVE for all to join us for our Reunion Row 2022. This will be a fun night of reconnecting with each other, enjoying the sport of rowing (3 fun 500m […]